Things to Know and Prepare for your Canadian Hunting Trip with Silver Birch

1. Canada restricts entry by those who have criminal records, including offenses such as OWI or other charges. After 10 years you are considered redeemed. Clearing such records with customs before leaving should be done.
2. You will need a passport or passport card that is currant. This is not to get into Canada this is needed to get back into the US.
3. A certificate NUMBER or card that certifies the successful completion of a hunter education course.
4. You must declare your firearms at the border. Form CAFC 909 must be filled out. This is a very simple thing providing the firearms are classified as non-restricted. [ NO A-R style rifles or pistols ] There is a $35. Dollar fee to do this.
5. To transport game back to the states. Retain your license and properly tag your animals. You will have to declare your game at the US border and fill out a importation paper to transport in the states.
6. Alcohol. A visitor to Canada may import one of the following, 1pcs 40ounces of liquor. Or 1pcs/case 24 12-ounce cans of beer.
7. Be sure to bring the money balance in cash to pay for the hunt.
8. You are buying a 5 day hunt. You can arrive on Saturday afternoon and scout the bush if you are deer hunting on Sunday. Feel free to scout and find a good place to hunt or the guide can put you in a spot just as bad as the one you pick. The hunt starts Monday and runs till Friday. Checkout is Saturday morning.
9. Clothing, it could be warm, very cold, raining and or snowing, be sure you have what you need to stay comfortable sitting in a stand all day
10. Ladder tree stands can be provided but feel free to bring a stand you are familiar with.
11. The deer hunt is a fare chase hunt. No bait is allowed. Calls can work great. Bleat, grunt and rattling can be very effective.
12. GPS, Compass, Cell phones (if it works) in case you need to take a walk in the bush.
13. Bullets and gun cleaning components.
14. Camera, if you actually shoot something you can take a picture.
15. Cabins have bedding and pillows, if you need something special you will need to bring it.
16. Bring Bath towels and wash cloths. The resort doesn’t provide these.
17. There is a garage to process meat if you want to do that before taking it home. This is not the guides or outfitters job. There are freezers to keep the meat in until you depart. What is not provided is any type of packaging for your meat, so bring your own packaging.